Are you feeling a bit funky? By that, I don’t mean ‘get up and boogie’ kind of funky. I mean you’re in a funk. Feeling a bit flat, unsure about what’s next, or even feeling a bit stuck? If you’re in a funk, you’ll be feeling a bit flat, a bit uncertain and probably underwhelmed with your current role and what the future looks like.

We’ve all been there. You’re aware that you want something more than where you are right now, but you may not know how to tackle that.

Now funkiness comes in various degrees. One example is the person who is actually pretty content in their role. They know they add great value to the organisation and can do their role without too much mental effort or strain. But they know they want more … from themselves and from their career.

Another example is people who are in a big dark funk. They are really unhappy doing what they are doing. They no longer enjoy the environment they are in. They feel disempowered and stuck.

The stuck feeling comes from knowing “I don’t want my current reality, but I don’t know what I do want! I just know it’s not this. And even if I did know, I’d have no idea how to achieve that!”

If you can relate to this then watch my short 5-minute video below where I will share with you some questions you can ask yourself next time you’re feeling a bit funky or stuck.

If you need more support to get out of your funk then hit reply to this email. One side of the Executive Coaching work I do is to help people get unstuck and ‘get out of their own way’ and I’m always here to help you.

Here’s to your success!