About Career By Design

“Career By Design” is a presentation all about taking responsibility for your own career success! Too often I hear people waiting for that tap on the shoulder. When in fact, excellence is rarely achieved by waiting for others to recognise and reward your talents and achievements.

This keynote is specifically crafted to help you focus on your professional direction and what you want to achieve in your career. It helps you understand that your future is really up to you, the dreams you create and the strategic relationships you form. You’ll walk away feeling re-energised, with great tools to support you in bringing your own dream career to fruition.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say “My days are full of everything I love, and nothing I don’t”?

Well, this presentation will guide you on that journey to maximising your success.

Who is this for?



Team Members


… anyone looking to gain clarity, make a career change and live a life you love!


All of my keynotes and workshops are customised for each audience and time slot.

By the end of the keynote or workshop participants will:

• Understand how to gain clarity and achieve whatever ‘success’ means to you.
• Tools and strategies to drive your own future accomplishments.
• Walk away feeling re-energised, with great tools to support you in bringing your own dream career to fruition.


Sessions start at $3,000 +gst

Note – Cost does not include travel or accommodation.

“I really enjoyed the Career By Design program, and am so glad that I reached out to you when I did. Not only did I get my mojo back and got back to being normal (my initial goals for the coaching), I actually have new tools to beat my previous high point on my mojo scale! I have never felt this confident in my career or my life. Thank you!

Thank you so much!”

G. Tam

“I have a nice boost in my confidence after the workshop, and that’s credit to Linda, so thank you. Also, because of the encouragement and positive outlook imparted, I’ve found the courage to apply for management roles. Wish me luck!!”

C. Jones, Marketing, RMIT


    Are you ready to design your career, align your values and make every day satisfying and fulfilling?