About Courageous Conversations

Understanding what drives your own and others communication is like having an unfair competitive advantage. You can see what makes them tick, what they fear and the value they add to organisations. It’s also the key to mastering challenging conversations. Yes, the one’s we don’t like to have.

Every one of us has unique personality traits. Understanding how these traits drive communication and motivation helps us better understand ourselves, as well as those around us. You’ve been told to “pitch to your receiver”. Find out how you can do that easily and effectively to build strong, collaborative relationships through effective communication.

Driving strong connection and teamwork through exceptional communication.

Who is this for?




Business people

Basically, anyone who communicates! (I still can’t believe these essential skills aren’t taught in schools!)


All of my keynotes and workshops are customised for each audience and time slot.

By the end of the keynote or workshop participants will:

• Understand their own personality profile and how that drives their communication, motivation, and fears
• Be able to identify others communication style
• Be able to effectively adapt their own style to “pitch to their receiver


Sessions start at $3,000 +gst

Note – Cost does not include travel or accommodation.

“Great session on Wednesday. The structure is effective: takes you on a journey from awareness, understanding the need, understanding the drivers, explaining constructs to help maintain and raise that awareness of what can go wrong and take us off track, understanding approaches that will make improvements, and importantly, leaving you with some simple tools that after a bit of practice, we won’t have to think about! (and hence might actually use!) And your presentation is no less terrific: positive, balanced energy, articulate, clear, engaging. Thank You 🙂 ”

C. Zabeck, NAB

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