This month in Athena land, we’re focusing on the importance of building your network. And it seems, so is everyone else. We’ve loved talking at BNP Paribas and Department of Premier and Cabinet about how to build your network strategically.

I believe WHAT you know is absolutely essential to having a successful career. But relying on WHAT you know can be a slow way to the top. WHO you know is like the career expressway. WHO you know is the fast track to getting taps on the shoulder, important information and accessing more opportunities. And none of that happens on its own. To make this happen it’s important to always be actively working on and nurturing your network.

In this month’s Athena Insights TV episode, I talk about how you can make networking work for you simply by adding one strategy into your mix. I look at:

  • Why it is essential to invest time in building your professional network
  • The four key types of people you need in your network to help you fast-track your success
  • And why you need them to make networking work for you

If you’re an introvert and cringe at the thought of networking, stick with me. This one is for you too!

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Until next time. Here’s to your success!